Engage your child
in reading and
track their progress

The flashcard app for children aged 4–7


Starwords brings tried-and-tested teaching methods right to your phone or tablet and takes it to the next level. You and your child can practice reading together, whenever, wherever.

A helping hand in your child's education

Reading develops the mind, enables children to discover new things and cultivate their own imagination. Research shows that children with strong reading skills are more likely to have higher intelligence levels as young adults.

Using flashcards (or word cards) is a recommended technique for helping children recognise common words.

Track your child's progress easily

If you've ever used paper-based flashcards you'll know how difficult it is to know if your child is making real progress. Did they know that word last week? How many new words have they learned this month? Starwords makes it easy! Each practice session is saved, allowing you to easily track your child's progress over time.

Paper cuts not included

Regular flashcards are expensive! They're easily lost down the sofa or back seats of the car, and printing and laminating doesn't come cheap. And of course, you'll have to keep making or buying new cards as your child progresses.

Say goodbye to printer ink bills: with Starwords you can create and store your own word cards or simply use pre-loaded lists containing words recommended by the UK Government's Department for Education.

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