The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

What is it?

The Phonics Screening Check is a short test taken by all Year 1 children in UK primary schools. During the check your child will read 40 words with a teacher one-on-one. Some of the words are real and some are nonsense words which are collections of letters that don’t really mean anything, like “moap” or “slonk”, but can be decoded and read using the phonics rules that have been learnt.

When is it?

This year the Phonics Screening Check will happen at UK schools in the week beginning 12 June 2017.

How can Starwords help?

Starwords comes pre-loaded with 20 sets of cards, each with a mixture of real and nonsense words–200 in total–designed to help your child prepare for the phonics screening check.

  • Astronauts vs Aliens - can you tell which are the real words from Planet Earth and which are nonsense spoken by the space aliens!

  • Buried Treasure - which are the real words from the treasure chest and which are nonsense that belongs in the rubbish bin!

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